Thursday, May 19, 2011

LIfe's SO good . . .

 . . . in Mexico.

And you wonder why I haven't been blogging?

 View South from my hotel balcony.
 View North from my hotel balcony.
 This is where I spent my week--reading while sunbathing.
 Restaurant & bar only steps away from my lounge chair, not that it mattered since the pool boys delivered food and drink to me.
 View of lagoon & sea right behind my lounge chair.
 Amazing sunsets every night.  Love watching the sun slip into the sea.
 I actually didn't even eat this, but it was pretty.
 Sunset with pirate ship in view!  :)
Sunset on the Malecon--the "boardwalk"

I got a new bathing suit--a 2 piece that looked pretty fine on me.  The swim suit is still cute as ever, but the body in it . . . well, "morphed" after I enjoyed many sides of frijoles accompanied with cervesa.  After 1 week of living a hedonistic lifestyle, I'm back to eating like a rabbit to undo what's been done. 

I'm thankful for 11 years of marriage, 2 beautiful daughters, and their grandparents who were willing to babysit so we could vacation for an entire week.