Monday, September 26, 2011

Bee's 4th Birthday: A Hello Kitty Party

 A few of the cute little "kitties"
I love people.  I love my kids.  I love parties.  So, it was a party.  A 4th birthday party, no less.  Brooklyn saw some Hello Kitty party decorations a while back, so she decided on a Hello Kitty party.  We made Hello Kitty ear headbands, cake pops, and my mom made a kitty cake (pic to come!).  We bought crayons and Brooklyn glued pictures of Hello Kitty on them for party favors.  But none of that mattered, really.  It was the people.  We had such a fun time celebrating a special girl with family and friends.  Thank you to all who made her feel so special.

 Our family
 Cake Pops--YUM!!
 Hello Kitty ears for girls & party favor bags
 Duck-Duck Goose--hilarious game with 1-5 year olds

 Love these cuties.
 Group hug after Red Light/Green Light
 The Pinata!

 No, not digging for worms; frantically collecting candy!
 New PJs.
 Bug's ears are my fav.

When it was over, my dad said, "Thanks, great party"
I replied, "Anytime.  But let's keep it to twice a year."  

Love parties.  I'm tired.

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