Monday, August 22, 2011

Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes

I know I should have posted this MONTHS ago
when strawberries were still in season.
  But I didn't.  
So here you go anyway.  

This is my favorite breakfast at the Pancake House in Puerto Vallarta:  
Chocolate pancakes with strawberries.

 Not the best pictures in the whole world, but you can use your imagination,right?
So, the recipe?  Still perfecting that, but I have found several chocolate pancake recipes online.  
Just add strawberries to the batter, 
top with powdered sugar (or whipped cream--hello!!), 
and more fresh strawberries.  
A true delight!

Here's a pretty darn good recipe to get you started.  
Plus it has pictures for every step.  
Someone has time for such things.  Not I.

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