Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bee & Bug: Bathing Beauties

 What's been a major theme in our summer?  
Swimming lessons, swimming at the pool, swimming at home.  
An army of bathing suits and towels drape over our bathroom shower. 

The girls have been great.  They love the water.  Sadly, most of July--usually our most sunny month--was cloudy and cold.  Swimming lessons do not stop because of rain, and the truth is we didn't miss even one day.  Nope.  Not that I didn't want to, particularly during the parent-child session I signed up for with Bug.  It has paid off though!  Although not independent yet, our "almost 4" year old, Bee, has vastly improved her skills in the water.  Now she even jumps in with the big girls!

Here are some other swimming snapshots.  I'll upload another video (since I'm having issues!) in the next post.

 Bee @ swimming lessons
 Bug in the "shower" at the kiddie pool
 Bee enjoying lessons!
 Bug jumping in & I know, my face is awesome.
 Practice kicking
 At Great Grandparents
 Bee is on the left.  No, I am not in this photo!!!
Playing with Grandma.

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  1. I loved swimming as a child, swimming meant summer. And where can I get your littlest one's swimsuit...for myself.