Monday, July 25, 2011

Kid's Quotables (or maybe not so much)

Bee's new best friend is our 5 year-old neighbor "Mikey."  Today he was over and I overheard him say, "My dad is so fast . . . "  I can tell you this:  I can very likely outrun Mikey's dad.  However, I absolutely LOVE that he thinks his dad is so fast.  How cool.  I love the age where your parents are practically super-heroes.  How can we keep them at this age?!
  Bug sat at the breakfast table today with her nose scrunched up.  This was the conversation (all with a scrunched up nose):
Bug:  Sister nakey*?  (*translation: naked)
Justin, Bee, and I:  Nooooo!
Bug:  Bayee Hannah Bugs* nakey?  (translation: Bug--herself)
Justin, Bee, and I:  Nooooo!
Bug:  Mommy nakey?
Justin, Bee, and I:  Nooooo!
Bug:  Daddy nakey?
Justin, Bee, and I:  Daddy nakey?
Justin, Bee, and I:  Noooooo!
Bug:  Uncle (bleep*) nakey?  (*name deleted to protect the innocent)
Justin, Bee, and I:  NOOOOO!  EW!  NOOOOO!
Bug (and Justin, Bee, and I):  hahahahahahaha!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vacation: Part 1

Our summer has been fantastic so far.  Well, one BIG hardship, but the Lord is faithful and we are on the other side.  Anyway, we went to Wenatchee, WA camping in the Columbia River with a lot of mid-and high school students.  Justin led worship at "Drenched" which was a total blast.

Then we went to Seattle.  On the way, we went to Leavenworth, a weird but cute little faux-German town.  We ate Sausages.  Oh yeah! (Can't help but think of Vector on Despicable Me, "Oh Yeah!")

Besides puttsing* around the city, we went to the Mariner's/Braves series--as Braves fans.  Thankfully, they won all 3 games and we had a blast!  Oh, and we might have gone wine tasting.  Mmmm.

*Puttsing:  apparently not a real word, but I like it and am going to use it, which means I can choose my own spelling too.  I love making up words.