Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Headed to HAITI...

. . . in 2 weeks.

So yeah, I got a text yesterday morning from my friend Renee' asking if I wanted to go to Haiti on February 17th.  I said yes.  At that point, I wasn't sure if it was going to become a reality, or if it was more of a hypothetical question.  As it turns out, it's for real!

The truth is I was supposed to go to Haiti in November, then the trip got pushed to February, and now that trip has been pushed to summertime.  I will be (co)leading a team to teach a group of women to sew in the Artisan Program that Chances For Children oversees.  Because the site of the artisan program also has a medical clinic, there has been a deficit in the amount of electricity we would need to run sewing machines.  Thankfully, they have found a solution to the problem and we WILL get to go sometime after April!

In the meantime, why am I going?  Truthfully, "leading" a team of women to Haiti scares me to death, particularly because I have never been to Haiti.  Only 5 of us will be one this trip!  This opportunity will not include any sewing, but I will be able to scope out the current Artisan Program.  I think this will give me a clearer idea of what to expect when we roll out the sewing machines and t-shirts! 

In addition, and (really) the primary reason for the trip is to visit to 2 sites where feeding programs have been launched.  One is a brand new site in Massikot.  We get to hike up a mountain to get there!  (Anybody up for Pisgah or Spencer's Butte for a practice run on Saturday!?)  Besides the feeding program, an Artisan Program has also been launched at this site, so there will training for artisans while we are there.

At the feeding program sites, we will be serving the children, taking bios and weight/measurements, and in L'Artibonnet (don't ask me how to say it!), we'll be taking photos for sponsorship.

Have I mentioned that I feel SO PRIVILEGED to be a part of this trip!!!??

Justin is very supportive and is very excited that I get to go!  However, he was planning on going on my first trip with me and is very disappointed that he doesn't get to experience my reaction to Haitian driving.  Thanks, love.

So yeah.  Tickets are bought and I'm going.  I have a lot to get in order, including immunizations, help for Justin with kiddos, packing list, and fundraising.  If you are up for financially supporting my trip, even a little, I would be most grateful.  You can write checks to UFC for a tax-deductable donation, or your can contact me for more information.  If you would like to prayfully support my trip, I would be most grateful!!!

Haiti!  Here I come!