Sunday, December 8, 2013

Little Girls' Skirts for Clean Water Part #3

A few more skirts to add to the queue:

Remember!  All money goes straight toward building a well in India!!! For more information about Skirts for Clean Water, please read about it HERE!!!!  The skirts listed on that post are all SOLD, but the story is important, so please read it!!  :) 

If you are interested in buying, please FB me or email  If you are not local, I will set up a listing on Etsy for you and add $3 shipping & handling. 

These are little girls skirts--2 are for 2-4 yr. olds and 2 will be for 18months -2 yrs. 

Skirt # 1: 
Size 2-4 T
Donation minimum--$28  "Fairies and Cupcakes"  Apron skirt. 
Apron is removable button-on.  Ruffle trim, elastic waist, serged or finished edges.
 WHY can't I get my pics straight!!??  Ahhhh!
Skirt #2:
Size 2-4 T
Donation minimun--$28  "Hearts & Kittens" Reversible Apron Skirt.
Apron is removable by ribbon--NOT permanently attached.
Tulle Trim, elastic waist, serged or finished edges
 Reversible apron side #1
 Reversible apron side #2

Skirt # 3: 
Size 18mos-2yrs
Donation minimum--$25  "Polka dots & Flowers"   
 Ruffle trim, elastic waist, serged or finished edges.
 (Big pink flower not included!)

There's one more, but I don't have a picture.  Silly me.  I have lots of fabric--tons of colors and combos, so if you need to order, let me know!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Skirts for Clean Water Take #2

So, thank you for your interest in helping build a well in India!!!  I've sold 2 skirts and I have 2 that are unclaimed, and more that I'll be making.  Please read Skirts for Clean Water to understand what I'm doing here!

Skirt #4:  "Put a Bird On It"  (hehe!)  While most will be $30, this one is going for a suggested price of $45--100% is going to the well in India.  Lots of detail and extra work.  Skirt made out of 100% upcycled knit shirts.  Asymmetrical, fold-over waistband. This one is particularly nice--beautiful, quality fabric.  (trust me!)  Extra patchwork.  Serged hem and seams. SIZE MEDIUM--this waistband is a little less stretchy, but still comfy.  I had intended it to be a bigger skirt, but as it turns out, with the stiffer waistband, it fits me perfectly!  Ha!  The waistband is also longer (it folds over as shown), but can be turned up and the skirt worn longer, if you wish.  Perfect for winter with boots, but can be worn with a tank and Toms for the summer.

Also, Skirt #3 is still available for $30 view HERE

Skirts for Clean Water

The Story:

The last few years, our church has taken part in a bigger effort to make a difference in the world with our Christmas spending through Advent Conspiracy.  No, we don't forgo gift-giving, or become stingy in our present-giving to our friends or relatives.  Lack of generosity is not the heart of it--it's not spend less/don't be a consumer so that you can pocket the money for yourself.  Rather, spend less on the things that don't really matter (my kids have HUNDREDS of items of clothes.  We won't talk about my closet.) and more on things that DO matter . . .

 . . . Like clean water.  The idea was conceived by a few pastors who calculated that Americans spend $450,000,000,000 on Christmas every year.  That's 450 BILLION.  What if we took just a FRACTION of that money, looked outside of our little "friends and family" box to the world that GOD loves, and we were generous with those in his creation that desperately need hope?  Need life-giving water?  Jesus gave Himself generously and brought hope to the hopeless.  As much as I love Christmas and love giving gifts (truly I LOVE it!), I'm convicted that my generosity must extent past those I know personally.

(Watch this VIDEO to learn more about Advent Conspiracy)

I just spent about $70 at Value Village, St. Vincent De Paul and Joann's.  (Yes, one of these things does not go with the other!)  I didn't buy toys and games.  I bought t-shirts and a little bit of fabric.  Tons of t-shirts.  And now I'm recreating them into skirts to sell so that I can help buy a $600 well in India.  If this is something you want to support, please buy a skirt--for yourself, for a friend, for a family member.   

(Please forgive bad photos!!)

100% of ALL SALES (not just proceeds) go directly to the well.  No slave labor!  Mostly recycled fabrics!

Suggested Price:  $30.  If you want to donate more, ALL money will go toward the well.  Please facebook me or email me at if you are interested.  More to come!!!

1.  "Dark Butterfly"--Medium.  Made out of 100% recycled knit shirts.  Extra patching together.  Serged seams and hem.  Asymmetrical, fold-down waist. 
 Serged edges
Full disclosure:  I kind of stink at serging.  I did the best I could, but it's not perfect!!

2.  "Surfin' Hippie"--Medium.  Made out of 100% recycled knit shirts.  Serged seams and hem.  Asymmetrical, fold-down waist. 

3.   "Color Me Sunshine"--Medium.  Made out of 80% recycled knit shirts, 20% knit fabric. Center section is double thick so not see-through!!  Serged seams and hem.  Fold-down waist.