Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Skirts for Clean Water Take #2

So, thank you for your interest in helping build a well in India!!!  I've sold 2 skirts and I have 2 that are unclaimed, and more that I'll be making.  Please read Skirts for Clean Water to understand what I'm doing here!

Skirt #4:  "Put a Bird On It"  (hehe!)  While most will be $30, this one is going for a suggested price of $45--100% is going to the well in India.  Lots of detail and extra work.  Skirt made out of 100% upcycled knit shirts.  Asymmetrical, fold-over waistband. This one is particularly nice--beautiful, quality fabric.  (trust me!)  Extra patchwork.  Serged hem and seams. SIZE MEDIUM--this waistband is a little less stretchy, but still comfy.  I had intended it to be a bigger skirt, but as it turns out, with the stiffer waistband, it fits me perfectly!  Ha!  The waistband is also longer (it folds over as shown), but can be turned up and the skirt worn longer, if you wish.  Perfect for winter with boots, but can be worn with a tank and Toms for the summer.

Also, Skirt #3 is still available for $30 view HERE

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