Sunday, December 8, 2013

Little Girls' Skirts for Clean Water Part #3

A few more skirts to add to the queue:

Remember!  All money goes straight toward building a well in India!!! For more information about Skirts for Clean Water, please read about it HERE!!!!  The skirts listed on that post are all SOLD, but the story is important, so please read it!!  :) 

If you are interested in buying, please FB me or email  If you are not local, I will set up a listing on Etsy for you and add $3 shipping & handling. 

These are little girls skirts--2 are for 2-4 yr. olds and 2 will be for 18months -2 yrs. 

Skirt # 1: 
Size 2-4 T
Donation minimum--$28  "Fairies and Cupcakes"  Apron skirt. 
Apron is removable button-on.  Ruffle trim, elastic waist, serged or finished edges.
 WHY can't I get my pics straight!!??  Ahhhh!
Skirt #2:
Size 2-4 T
Donation minimun--$28  "Hearts & Kittens" Reversible Apron Skirt.
Apron is removable by ribbon--NOT permanently attached.
Tulle Trim, elastic waist, serged or finished edges
 Reversible apron side #1
 Reversible apron side #2

Skirt # 3: 
Size 18mos-2yrs
Donation minimum--$25  "Polka dots & Flowers"   
 Ruffle trim, elastic waist, serged or finished edges.
 (Big pink flower not included!)

There's one more, but I don't have a picture.  Silly me.  I have lots of fabric--tons of colors and combos, so if you need to order, let me know!


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