Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6 month update

With such a captivating title, I know you can't wait to read this post!  It's been a full 6 months since I've posted, and well . . . I figured it was time.

There's a good reason why I haven't posted.  Maybe several reason, but the one most of you are aware of is that I'm expecting Baby #3.  Names are always a topic of discussion around here, and it seems that everyone I talk to is interested in knowing what names we are considering.  I don't mind sharing at all; however, our track record of deciding on names before the baby is born is really not great.  So if you must call him (it's a boy!) something, then call him "B2."  No, not like R2D2.  More like "B-squared."  Why?  Well, our first baby in-utero was dubbed "BU" for "Baby Ubel."  Our second was "U2," (yes like the band), for "Ubel #2.  So "B2" (again, not like R2D2) is for "Baby Boy."

All that to say . . .

I've been too tired to blog.

Or hungry.

Or just too busy.

And now my computer is dying.  So until December, when I can update again, here is a sideways baby bump picture.  (BTW-I'm hoping to blog before December.)