Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bandana Skirt--view 2

My friend Kristina (check out Vintage Couture on FB) makes the coolest stuff.  Once she made me a skirt like this.  I still wear it & get compliments all the time.  THANKS KRISTINA!!  She has made me 2 of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe.

Bee was at a VBS this week and the theme was Sonshine Harvest.  They wore bandanas everyday to denote which group they were in.  Bee was a grape.  Yes, a purple bandana!  I figured she needed a bandana skirt to sport at VBS.  Okay, "need" would be the wrong word.  I figured it would be "fun" to make a skirt for her.  Let's just say Kristina is much better at constructing these adorable skirts.  Sadly, my first try left something to be desired in the construction, not to mention it was a tad on the small side.

I cut Bug a skirt at the same time.  The construction of her skirt was quite good, if I do say so myself.  However, it is a bit too small as well. This is what I get for bad math.  And sewing after the girls are in bed.

 (Bug's skirt!)
 (Yes, I'm proud that it lined up so nicely!  I'm usually so bad in the details.)

I'll work on a tutorial.  After I figure out the math.  :)  Maybe by then I can make compound sentences as well.  I'm lacking sleep.


  1. I want one. If I can pull off the Boho, that is.

  2. Well my darlin', glad you still like your bandana skirt. I'd be happy to outfit anyone in there very own! Kisses to those dollies & keep up the great blog Jessica!