Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye, Twenty-Ten

It's not even 7 and I've been up for more than an hour.  Somehow the cup of joe I poured is already lukewarm.  Amazing how that happens so quickly.  I have a travel mug that says, "I'm a mom--I'll be drinking this cold," which is simply reality in my life.  Anyway, I've accomplished little this morning, but more than most days by this time.  I have:
*Fed my kids (thanks to Justin putting packages of Instant Oatmeal in small bowls w/spoons last night.)
*Made a pot of coffee (we're staying with friends; I usually only get to make 1 cup @ a time--I get A WHOLE POT!!!)
*Contacts are in.  Pigtails are re-done.
*Checked e-mail and read an article on sleep.

Now, I sit here thinking 2 things:

1.  I've been a slacker blogger, but hey!  Between Thanksgiving, the stomach flu, and Christmas, who has time to write blogs?  And seriously, who has time to read them, (right?!)
2.  What did we do in 2010? 

My top 10 (in no particular order):
Bugs slept through the night & turned 1 in April. 
Bee took her first dance class and we made new friends though that.
Vacationed in Mexico with our friends.  Kids stayed with grandparents!
Bugs uses words instead of screaming all the time.
We live close enough to the UofO that we get to go to a lot of athletic events as a family.  The Duck mascot is truly like a superhero in our home.
Ran my first 5k and 4-miler.
Found my favorite date spot in Eugene:  The Vintage.
Justin continues to love his job/ministry; he also led worship at 2 retreats that we all were able to attend.
I continue to teach group exercise classes at the YMCA and Oakway Fitness. 
We planted our first semi-successful garden.

I'm so thankful for my family and friends.  Looking forward to meeting 2011 with my oldest and dearest friend, Rebekah and her husband Hans.  Cafe Lucky Noodle, here I come!

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