Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Noodles to Dye For

My mom has been bringing home extra Disney's Family Fun magazine for us.  
We love the project ideas!  
This one is particularly easy and fun.  
It's not even super messy (don't you love that?!)

Here's what I learned to do (Thanks, Disney!)

1 teaspoon Vinegar
10-12 drops food coloring
About 1/2 cup noodles for each color

Mix vinegar, food coloring and and uncooked pasta in a ziplock bag & shake.


Spread noodles onto paper towels, turning over once while drying. 
(Doesn't take too long--20ish minutes)

 LOVE (most of) the colors!

 Even Bug can string 'em easily!

Bee making necklaces "for kids who don't have any Christmas presents." 
(Yeah, her idea after doing Operation Christmas Child boxes at church!)

Stored these in jars.  
Speaking of which, I have a lot of jars sitting on my counter.  
They are supposed to be inspiring me to think of a great way to re-purpose them.  
Still waiting for the inspiration.

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