Thursday, December 1, 2011

Advent Calendars

I found some DIY Advent Calendars online and wanted to share them with you!  
First, here's the one I'm doing. 

Last year, I began creating this one!  It's not finished, but here's what I've got!

1.  Cut 50 circles of fleece; I used red, white and green. 

2.  Embroider numbers 1-25

3.  Embellish each with stitches, ribbon, rick-rack . . . be creative!! 

4.  Lay a numbered circle on top of a blank circle.  Blanket stitch them together on the bottom & sides.  You can find a tutorial on blanket stitching and how to make these as tags or ornaments HERE.

5.  I'm going to (yeah, soon!) attach them to a red & green cord & stuff 'em with chocolate! 

 I found this great collection of ideas recently and wanted to share! Check out the very creative Advent Calendars here: dm designs: 24 Creative DIY Advent Calendars

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  1. That's going to be so cute. I almost bought the Moonstruck Advent Calendar, but couldn't justify the price even though the chocolate would have been delish. We had one growing up that we loved.