Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Writing

First of all, this is just a random pic of my 3 girls:  Riley (the patient dog), Brooklyn (the lover), and Bailey (the head smasher.)  I love it!

Sometimes I'm so horrible at keeping up my own blog, that it's a wonder that I write for another!  But please check out thinkcrafts, where I have the privilege of being the sewing contributor.  (Thanks, Kim.)  The fact is that I love writing, but I rarely take the time because I also love sewing, reading, sleeping, baking, playing with my kids, sipping coffee with friends, and watching Modern Family.  Besides the things that I love to do, there are always the things I don't love to do, but take up a fair share of time, namely:  house chores (while kids follow me around or hang on my legs.)

All that to say, life is busy and I sometimes wonder how people do it all.  I certainly question how to balance it all.  Some days, things work together and it's like my tiny world is in alignment:  house is clean, kids are happy, I get lots of coffee, and my husband & I go on a date.  Other days, I wonder if I'm going insane.  And who has time to write blogs?  Apparently, me.  Today anyway.  It's all a matter of priority, I suppose!

On a completely random note, here's little piece of advice:

Place a dryer sheet in the bottom of your trash cans in your bathrooms.  It really helps eliminate odors.  Just so ya know. 


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