Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do I ever actually sew?

My blog is Lifesewgood.  I feel like I never post my sewing here, which is true.  I usually save my projects to submit to, where I'm the sewing contributor.  I mean, a mama's only got so much time to sew and blog!!  Anyway, here's a project I just finished.  Also on my sewing table is a skirt I am making for Brooklyn, a pile of fabric to make myself 2 dresses (hopefully one before Easter), and fabric to make a bag.  I won't tell you what I have lying around in my sewing CLOSET. 


 My friend Amy bought fabric and Amy Butlers' Nappy Bag pattern so I could make this bag for a mutual friend, Hannah, who played volleyball for me when I coached at Multnomah Bible College.  She's having a little boy who she's already named Jackson.  Love that name.  Anyway, I had a friend make this bag for me when I had Bee and I loved it.  I can't say I enjoyed making it, but I think she liked it, so that was worth it!  :)


  1. Wait a tick...I don't get unfolds and becomes a diaper? What? Is it a wet sack for cloth diapers? Clearly I am soooo new at this whole mama gig because I don't even get your obviously fabulous creation! Can you please clue me in? Also, great to see you the other day!

  2. You finished it! It's totally cute!

  3. Thank Rileigh!
    Megan--the last pics are of a changing pad--it's separate from the bag, but intended to go inside of the bag. The 2nd & 3rd pics are just the inside of the bag. There are lots of pockets. Love that about it.