Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sanborn's & The Delicious-ness

Whenever I go to Portland, I feel that brunch is a must.  There are so many great breakfast joints that skipping out is almost tragic.  Last Saturday, my sister, kids and I went to one of my favorite lesser-known Eastside brunch eateries, Sanborn's.

Now, I do love Eggs Benedict, but skip it here unless you like really lemon-y Hollandaise sauce. [Side note:  do order eggs bene at Mother's (downtown)].  No, at Sanborn's you need to get their Huevos Verde (they make their own roasted pepper sauce) or German Pancake.  It's no ordinary German pancake, mind you.  They caramelize fruit, pour batter in the pan, then stick it in the oven.  Uh-huh.  You're licking your lips right now, aren't you?  Here's some pictures--not only of the yummy food, but also of my adorable girls!  :)

The delicious-ness:  
Nectarine German Pancake 
with a huge side of whipped cream
(for the kids, of course!)
 Instead of crayons, Sanborn's gives kids these crazy waxy sticks that you can twist & turn to make various shapes. 
 Bug was playing hide and seek with her smile.  We found it under her pacifier.
 Bee putting her waxy creations on the wall.  They're cool with that there.  So am I.
 The face says it all!
 Happy kids = Happy mom

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