Thursday, March 24, 2011

A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen.

 My mom bought me this letter art (upon MY request!).  I absolutely believe it and live by it!!  :)  
By the way, as I was putting it up, I hopped up on the counter and did something strange to the my calf/back of my knee area.  I have no idea what's wrong with it, but it hurt when I did it and it still hurts. 
I'm pretty sure this is a sign of getting old:  getting hurt when you aren't doing anything dangerous. (sigh)

Here's another photo of where it hangs, but it's pretty dark, so you can't see very well.  
[Side note:  I want a newer, better camera.  Mine was given to me and was leaps and bounds better than what I had before, so I feel guilty wanting something more, but I still do.]

In our messy kitchen, we make smoothies!!!  Here are some amazing smoothie mustaches:

 And that's it for today.  

 Tomorrow:  Chance for a give-away, so check back!  :)

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