Monday, March 28, 2011

We All Live for the Yellow Trampoline

Bee waiting for the coveted yellow trampoline!

Friday we decided to take the girls to a local gymnastics open gym.  They have all kinds of mats and trampolines.  Really, it's a cesspool for germs, but the kids love it!   

Justin spent most of his time with Bee, who insisted on waiting for her turn to jump on the yellow trampoline.  Sadly, there is only 1 yellow trampoline, which is far superior to the black trampolines for at least 1 obvious reason: 
It is yellow.  

Admittedly, it also is bouncier, and therefore, much more desirable.  

So, while many black trampolines gathered dust, Justin systematically helped about 7 kids learn to take their turns on the yellow trampoline.  Since her big sister is such a great influence on all important matters in life, Bug also became obsessed with this.  Alas . . . our time at Bounce documented here (but slightly late since I left my camera there over the weekend.  Oops.)

 She finally got her chance!

She bounced . . . 
. . . and bounced.
Then Bee got her chance!

 After luring them away from the yellow trampoline, they got to swing!

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