Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Wedding.

Justin officiated a wedding for friends last night.  Here are the few snippets I picked up (of my girls, of course!)  Too bad I don't have a photo-editing ability to wipe the dinner off my girls' faces.  Guess I should have done that before taking pics.  (sigh)  Ah well.

 Before the ceremony, hanging out.
 Organic chocolate chip animal cookies:  good for you?  Hmmm . . .
 Bee & friend "E"
 Aren't they cute!?
 Our little family.
 We got the best seats in the place:  the back counter.  
(The wedding was at a restaurant that has been converted from a tiny church,
thus we were technically on the wine bar counter!)
 Sisterly love.
 "Either obey me & smile for the camera or else . . . !!!!"
 Bring on the CHEESE!
 Finally, Me.  In the dress I haven't been able to fit in for over 4 years.  Hooray!


  1. My "E" and your "Bee" are too darn cute! Thanks for sharing our day with us!

  2. You look amazing Jess! Way to go hot mama!!

  3. I love these pictures. the girls are getting soo big!!