Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Clutch Purse

I finished . . . and I love it!  I still want to find a sparkly pin for the closure, but hey, I'm ready to carry this baby.

If only it were for me . . . 

If you are signed up for the Betty Ball with University Fellowship, you could win this purse! That's right, it will be one of the many door prizes at the Betty Ball, so local Eugene gals:  register immediately for the Betty Ball!!

So in my last post, I mentioned that the instructions seemed confusing.  Here's a little hint:  skim pattern directions so you have the general idea, but don't try to read them and expect full understanding until you are in the middle of your project.  I can't tell you how many times I've gotten frustrated reading a pattern, thinking, "That makes no sense.  That must be a mistake."  Then, when I actually do the project and get to the "confusing" step, it usually makes complete sense.  

The hardest part of this pattern is lining up your fabric so the big flower on the main piece matches the big flower on the tab.  Even once you think you have it exactly right, you sew the whole thing together and the tab isn't right!  I figured (after freaking out & Justin being reasonable) that once you put a little bit in the purse, it will be perfect again.  Phew.

Alright, here's a not-so-fabulous picture the inside:

And finally, the back, which is kind of cool.  The tab acts as a handle on the back of the clutch:

If you're feeling like taking on a several hour project, it's fun & relatively easy!  Oh, I'll take another photo once I get a pretty closure--before I have to give it up.  [sigh]

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