Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fruit of my labor

Guess what?!?!?!  My garden is producing good lettuce!

Justin re-purposed a picnic table (on the sides) & made me a raised garden bed:

I planted lettuce, carrots, corn, strawberries and tomatoes, although I learned the hard way that you have to use Sluggo.  Snails ate most of my lettuce.  I have 4 heads going strong.  Tomatoes are dying for some more sun, but currently they are HUGE (pic later).  Riley has killed at least one stalk of corn, but I think we'll have some carrots eventually!  The strawberries are also ripening--However, I'm sure Brooklyn will eat them before I get a chance to pick any.

Anyway, last night we enjoyed our home-grown lettuce.  It was satisfying knowing where it came from! (Raspberries came from Justin's parents, and zucchini & beans are courtesy of Trader Joe's.  ;)

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