Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I'd Do With a Little Money

In case I've given the wrong impression, I don't have it all together.  I can make a few recipes, sew simply, and plants seeds in a garden, but I can't--for the life of me--keep my house clean.  I was just thinking (for the hundredth time) that I would hire a housekeeper if I had the extra cash. 

But you know what?

That's not true.

I teach group exercise classes as a little extra source of income (emphasis on little).  How do I spend that money?  Not on hiring a housekeeper.

I blog for  How do I spend that little extra cash?  Not on hiring a housekeeper.

One time I went to a group event, but was late because I had just gotten my hair colored.  One girl said, "Oh, I just can't afford to get my hair colored."  But the truth is, she chooses to spend her money on designer jeans. 

Here's what I've discovered:  many Americans have the means to attain services or products, but we all pick and choose.  Some of us choose to spend on clothes, others of us choose food.  Some vehicles, others vacations.  I've noticed over time that people are quick to judge others on how they spend their money, and make statements like, "I could never afford to . . . " when, in fact, they could.  Granted, it might mean giving up cable or a daily latte. 

So what would you do with a little money? 

Gotta go to the fabric store.



  1. Good point. I too wish that I could afford a housekeeper, and I wish that I could afford to get my hair colored. I feel like we "can't" afford those things. And I'm probably kind of smug when I tell people that we "can't" afford cable TV. But we do always find a way to afford high-speed Internet, an iPhone for my husband, and a gym membership for me. Just depends what your priorities are!

  2. I have had this thought so many times!!! As Jen said, it's definitely about priorities...and it's so hard not to judge other peoples' priorities or feel like others are judging yours. Argh.

  3. good post! I usually tell people "it's not in our budget" b/c that takes away the "I can't afford it" factor and clarifies (hopefully) that just isn't how we budget to spend our money. It is a tough thing about us people though!