Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sew Liberated's Emmeline Apron

So, here is the post that I did for, which 1 major exception:  it's not completely edited!  It's basically just a product review, but I think you'll be inspired!

Isn't this the most beautiful apron you've seen?!  Don't even tell me it's not, because I know it is.  Okay, okay, maybe you would choose a different fabric?  Regardless of the chosen fabric, this apron is so nice it ought to be re-created into a sundress, don't you agree?  (Meg, if you read this for whatever reason, you should definitely do this!)

Last year, I ran across the Emmeline Apron Pattern by Sew Liberated.  It's a reversible apron with a gathered bodice and full skirt that is great for any body shape.  I often print patterns online, which can be a pain to print out and then enlarge.  Since this is a hard copy, the pattern comes with illustrated directions and full-sized pieces, which I love!  The directions are clear, so even a less-experienced seamstress will be able to make it easily.

After I bought it, I decided to make it for my sister's birthday.  I made it again for my mom at Mother's Day and they both turned out wonderfully!

One thing that is unique to the Emmeline is that you make your own bias and it turns out beautifully!

Meg, the pattern designer, also has a great blog you should check out HERE.

I particularly like her because her work space is the EXACT SAME COLOR as mine, which gives me confidence that I've picked the right color, despite what my husband thinks!

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