Friday, January 4, 2013

Work Out #2

Okay.  So much for posting a workout everyday!  It's 10pm and I didn't post a workout yesterday.  I'm posting one today, but honestly, it's really for tomorrow since it's not going to happen today.  Here are our options:

1/2 hr. cardio: walk, jog, group class, whatever . . .  +

Full-Body Strength Quick Workout

Plank -- 1 minute

Bridge --hold 20 seconds, pulse 10 & repeat

Crunches -- 1 minute 
Hover Plank -- 1 minute

Hip-ups, right side -- 1 minute

Bicycle abs -- 1 minute

Side Plank, right side --1 minute

Hip-ups, left side -- 1 minute

Lower back extensions -- 1 minute

(nice to do on a ball) 

Side Plank, left side -- 1 minute

(The above work-out is also in a jpeg on the bottom of the post so you can pin it if you want.  I like having these on my health & wellness board so they're all in 1 place!)

A few tips:

*Think QUALITY over quantity when it comes to crunches.  If you crunch or bicycle slowly and can concentrate on using your abdominal muscles to do the work, it will be much more effective than doing the exercises quickly but inefficiently.

*Modify if necessary.  Planks should be in a push-up position.  If you cannot hold plank without sinking your back down or pushing your behind up in the air, modify by bending your knees so they rest on the floor, just behind your hips.  You will get the work you need.
Have fun!  :)

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