Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Working Out Throughout the Year

I'm definitely ready to start anew with eating well and getting workouts in after having baby #3.  The downside:  3 kids makes it harder to get to the gym and I don't have a triple stroller (nor do I want one!), so I've decided I have to take some initiative and start using the helpful home workouts I've been pinning for the last year.  :) 

I will try to post 1 work out a day.  Today I did Pilates (yes!  I did get to the gym) so I'm posting a shorter--10 minute--workout.  If you need longer, repeat the workout 2-3 times.  I recommend a little marching out & stretch at the end to prevent blood pooling and lactic acid build-up.  Let me know if you did it so I can have some accountability too! 

Also, I'm doing some meal-planning for a healthy diet.  I'll post that later.  

The first workout I'm posting came from

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  1. Thanks for posting.
    Maybe after my lunch settles I will give this a try. I can't make out what it says under long jumps but I can probably figure something out.