Thursday, January 10, 2013

Workout Interrupted

Why didn't I post a workout the last couple of days?

Well, first, I went to a workout (already blogged that!)

On Tuesday, I woke up after not feeling well all night so I didn't do RIPPED with friends.  However, by the evening, I felt well, so I played volleyball.  Whoohoo!  Our team won, but what's better is that I played pretty well, which was a HUGE turnaround from the last game I played in when I embarrassed myself.  Ah, nice check on the ego, I suppose.

Wednesday, I taught step for the first time since the beginning of August.  I was a little rusty, but overall, I had a great time & got a great workout.

I was looking forward to Thursday's RIPPED class at the Eugene YMCA, but . . .

Wednesday night, my sweet daughter got sick.  Not just a little sniffle.  I'm totally barf-o-phobic.  Thankfully, the Lord has given me grace to love and take care of my own kids.  No RIPPED for me.  Instead, I've spent the day doing laundry and mopping the floor (twice today, after cleaning it last night too.  Is a 3rd mopping excessive?)

So, what?!  Leave everyone hanging?  No, here's a great workout I found on Pinterest.  Click here for the link.  Maybe you can fit this into your weekend!

at home circuit

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