Monday, January 7, 2013

Workout Today

So guess what?

I went to the Y this morning to take Boot Camp.  Oh yeah, 3 kids in tow to the Play Care and they were awesome!  Kari, the instructor, taught a great class AND used workout #3 as inspiration.  Woot!  Woot!  So I got to experience my own workout TWICE in her class, plus a bunch of other weights and boot campy things.

What I learned:  I think the 10 minute work outs are DO-ABLE; however, I think from here on out I will make them less time for each "station."  Doing some of the exercises for a whole minute is a LONG TIME!  I definitely had to rest during the minute on a few exercises, so maybe less time will allow us to each exercise more efficiently and completely.

Tomorrow I'm doing a RIPPED video with my friends.  But if you can't go back to Workout #3 and cut the time down to 30 seconds for each exercise and do the whole thing at least 2x's.

Happy working out!

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