Monday, February 28, 2011

Carrying a Lighter Load

It's been 6 weeks of an 8 week program to lighten the load on this girl.  Sorry if you've read too much about health, nutrition, and exercise on my journey, but not so sorry that I'm writing an update.  You can skip this post if you're really sick of it!


I'm soooo thrilled to say that I weighed in this morning (before I ate anything except one of Bailey's animal crackers) at a glorious 131.3.  Yep, down 8.5 pounds from where I started (although since I gained first, I've lost 9.2 since week 2.)  Rock on.  I'm 1.3 lbs. from my 8 week goal, which is pretty much on track, so I'm ecstatic.

I know some of you are thinking, "How come it's so hard for people to lose weight?" while others think,"Sheesh, I wish I could lose weight, but I just don't have the self-control."

My answer to the first group: 
Besides what you already know about different body metabolisms, etc, the reason it's hard to lose weight for me is because I live to eat.  I love, love, love food.    I have a decent metabolism; I can't complain.  I mean, I'll never have a metabolism like Justin's, but hey!  I don't constantly move either.  (And by constantly, I do mean constantly.)

My answer to the second group:
I thought so too.  But I finally came to a point that I was really motivated.  I needed a little extra kick in the behind to do it, which is why I joined this "knock off" version of Biggest Loser.  I wanted some nutritional help.  I'm not stupid:  I knew I should eat less calories and work off more.  However, working with nutritionists gave me the tools I need to eat the right foods at the right times.  Overall, it's been easier than I thought, especially with the support I've had.

If you are trying to lighten your load, here's my advice after 6 weeks:
1)  Accountability is key.  I was happy with the success after 4 weeks; however, if I wasn't committed to 8 weeks, I would have started to slack off (and I did, which cost me 1.8 lbs. at my next weigh-in!)  I needed the motivation of knowing that other people were keeping track of my progress.  (My picture, along with 39 other people's mug shots are in our gym hallway which our progress marked in red.)  I also happen to teach classes at that gym, so hello!?  I want to succeed.  I'm competitive, which in this case, was essential to my success so far.  I really, really recommend Oakway Weight Solutions, but if you don't live in Eugene, Weight Watchers is also a fantastic choice.  It's everywhere; even online!

2)  Even if you are the most uncoordinated person ever, you should try a few group exercise classes:  spin, step, Zumba, lift/pump, boot camp, or whatever suits your fancy.  Why?  Because in the weight room or your living room, most people will not push themselves as much as they should.  In fact, my home work outs often end up with my butt on the couch, watching the person on the screen doing the workout.  When you are in a class, you are motivated by something we all know is very powerful:  peer pressure!  Who wants to leave in the middle of a class, even if it's hard?  Not me.  No way!!  This will push you and you will find that you can do more than you ever thought. 

Two more weeks left, and I'm pushing through.  I won't lie.  It's an up and down journey, but really--it's worth it.  I put on a pair of pants this evening that were snug even pre-kids.  Now they fit very comfortably--even a little lose, which is awesome and even more motivating to continue on.

Until next time, Ciao (on some good veggies!)

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