Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sewing Room in Process

Saturday afternoon:
I was supposed to be at Black Butte Ranch.  

Rewind . . .
Friday early morning, around midnight:
Blood-curdling scream.  Bee had "spit up" in her bed.
(These moments are at the top of my list of parenting moments I loathe.)

Fast forward . . . 
Friday 10am:
Sick kid. Trip Canceled.  Boo.

Friday 12:30pm:
To soothe the pain of canceling retreat:
Target trip with Bailey.  Bought Brooklyn red shoes.  Love them.

Friday 4:00-6:00pm:
 More soothing:
Coffee @ Marche Provisions with friend Danielle.
Quad step class @ Oakway Fitness.

The next day . . . 
Saturday 1pm:
I was supposed to be at Black Butte Ranch.  
Or in Sisters, OR, at The Stitchin' Post (buying fabric that I didn't need.)

INSTEAD . . . 

I cleaned, organized and decorated my sewing room.  

So, in all honesty, it's a work in progress.  There are no curtains, just shades.  There is no beautiful light fixture, just a light bulb in the center of the room.  Here's what I DID do:
(I should re-take pics during the day.  It would look a lot brighter and nicer!)
 *Organized my fabric, by type and by color
 *This is my work space.  You have to love the light bulb reflecting in the window!
*I love this desk.  It hides a multitude of sins.
 *Oh, I think I forgot to tell you I got a dress form for Christmas!  More on that later!!
 *My tool have a place.  I've used various jars and tins.  Next project:  cover table with oil cloth.
 *Remember this little piece of advice.  This even goes for blogging, sewing, creating.  Spending time with family and friends should be more important that the other things we do.
*I [heart] Curly Gurl stuff.  Got this calendar for my birthday from my mom!

 *Magnetic Board I made.  Click HERE for the link to my tutorial.
*More Curly Gurl.  Love.


  1. SO cute! I wish I could've come and used my type-A-ness to help you organize. Not that you didn't do a great job, but sometimes I need an outlet. :)