Monday, February 28, 2011

Menu 2/28-3/6

I've fallen a little behind on menu planning.  I will say it's sooo much easier to have something planned, for sure.
Later I'll post an update on Lightening the Load, best recipes I've used lately and on current sewing projects.  For now, just a menu!

Monday:  FIL's birthday--dinner @ their house!
Tuesday:  Salmon, salad and veggies
Wednesday:  White bean gnocchi & salad
Thursday:  Date night
Friday:  Burgers & Veggie Burgers, sweet potato fries
Saturday:  Talapia & salad
Sunday:  Brunch out before J leaves for Haiti?!  Maybe?!  (I love this place called Turtles in Eugene, although that's where I got eggs benedict, which may have contributed to a little hike in my weight last week.  Oopsy.


  1. Haiti? What is she doing there? For how long? Does she need company?

  2. Justin is going to Haiti. Not I, sadly. No, I will be a single mom for the week, so yes, I do need company! ;)

  3. Man...I hate it when I post a response and it doesn't make it. I think I questioned Haiti, too. Then I listed my meals which were all meat & veggies. Simply rotate chicken, salmon, steak (Wed), and shrimp, combined with salad, mushrooms, or asparagus. We must try to get together while he's gone...I'm assuming that's why you wanted to know about the 12th.