Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Congratulations!! We have winners!

I always wonder how exactly people do giveaways on their blogs.  Do they truly randomly select someone?  Do they judge by comments?  (Do they READ the comments?)  How did I select?

I decided to give away not 1, but 2 necklaces.  The first one is to someone who commented, followed, or Facebooked.  The second is to someone who was already following my blog before.  It only seemed fair!  So for the first prize, I listed every name that commented, followed or FB'ed, called my husband and asked him to pick a number between 1 and ___.  He chose #13, who happened to be:

Leslie D!!!! 

For the second prize, I did the same thing.  Listed every previous follower, had Justin pick a # and he picked # 27, who happened to be:

Calista M!!!!

Calista has a blog with adorable, fun blog that features her beautiful daughter, as well as things that she creates!  You can link to her blog by clicking HERE.  Check it out!

Each person will receive a necklace of their color/motif choice!  Hooray for winning!


  1. YAYYYY, how exciting! I never win anything... & now I finally have, thanks so much Jessica! I'll reply to your email for the design/color preference ;-)

  2. I am SO excited about winning and CAN'T WAIT to pick out my super-cute necklace!! I'll be in contact soon, Jess. :)

  3. Just wanted to thank you again for my adorable necklace...posted a blog about it today, with pics!

    PS...changed my blog name: