Monday, October 25, 2010


Last week, we got to go to Sunriver (an Oregon resort town) for Justin's staff retreat.  It was fabulous to get away sans kiddos and enjoy the last of the sunny, dry October days.  Justin wouldn't touch a horse with a 10-ft. pole, but I got to ride horses with a couple friends.  You know that song, "Save a horse; ride a cowboy"?!  My horse's name was Cowboy, so . . . yeah.  Anyway.  That's your random little side note for the day.

 (Picture from Sunriver's horseback riding site.  Sadly, this is not really me.  Or Cowboy.)

After 2 nights in my own bed, we headed up to Black Lake in Washington to lead worship music at a middle school camp.  We had a fantastic time, despite rain.  The "real bummer" (in 55 degree weather) was the fact that we couldn't go in the lake (whah!) because it had some poisonous algae thing going on.  Yeah, I know.  Right?  WE COULDN'T GO IN THE LAKE!!  IN OCTOBER!!  What is the world coming to?  Major bummer (for crazy mid school kids who swim in the freezing Pacific.)  Anyway.  That's your second random side note for the day.

And in case you are still reading:  I'll post Autumn Sugar Cookies (or at least a recipe and photos) tonight. You will want some.

I missed you and have the ridiculous notion that maybe you missed me too, so I had to at least post and let you know I was still alive.  I was just re:treat-ing.


  1. I really think you should just GIVE me some Autumn Sugar Cookies.

  2. You are making me jealous. Maybe we should go back into ministry so we can go to fun places!

  3. Chris--yes. I should. :)
    Melanie--there are definitely a few benefits!