Monday, January 24, 2011

She who has the will to win . . .

(an update from my "lightening the load" competition)
I got my butt kicked last night during our first group workout.

Even as the personal trainer was explaining the exercises, I thought that it was going to be a piece of cake.  After all, each station was only 45 seconds.  How hard could that be?  Not to mention I'm an athlete; I'm used to pushing myself.  My competitive edge was definitely creeping in.  Not only would I do this, I was going to conquer all! 

Who was I kidding?  Sure, each station was only 45 seconds, but there were 20 stations and we did each twice.  Not only so, but my group scored the plyo box in our last round of stations.   I rock plyo boxes--or I used to rock plyo boxes.  This is when I thought that tossing my cookies (or lettuce, more accurately) might be on the agenda.  Playing college volleyball, while we worked out hard, wasn't going to help my current state of physical being a the moment (a mere 12-15 years later).  Not all was lost, however; once a competitor, always a competitor.  Mentally, I was checked in, which was good.  My body came through for me even though I asked a lot of it.  It's screaming at me today, but I'll survive. 

On the eating front, I was committed last week.  I think I did very well; my journal is well-loved, marked up with calorie amounts and exchange points.  Here is my current favorite quick fix meal:

It's Trader Joe's "ready to eat" Spring Herb Mix greens, chicken breast, and apples.  I spray a little Balsamic Breeze on top, and viola!  Tasty salad.

Sure, I could liven it up with some cranberries, almonds, etc., but that's not helping the calorie count!

Today was weigh in day.  Bleh.  After all my hard work--working out daily, eating well, and getting my butt kicked, I weighed 2 lbs more than when I started.  I'm very determined, but my determination is fueled by the results I expect to see.  I realize it's more that what the scale says--it's about getting and being healthier.  But seriously?  (sigh)

As much as a Dickie Joe's Burger was calling my name, I went home and had a chicken & apple green salad.  The shirt I wore to the group workout was from our volleyball team I coached a few years ago, which said on the back, "She who has the will to win will not be beat."

I will not be beaten.


  1. Sounds like you kicked some butt and are determined, so don't be discouraged! The new weight is probably all muscle. Just wait until your metabolism catches up with what your body is doing - results will come!

    This coming from a gal who is purposefully putting on the pounds, but still... I'll be working them off this summer (at least that's the plan). :)

  2. I agree with Amy--you're not supposed to check your weight for 10-14 days after starting something new. And even then, Jon swears weight falls off later than that (during our first P90X, it was definitely in the last 45 days that we really noticed results).

  3. I bet when you weigh in next week, the new 2 lbs will be gone, along with another pound or two!