Sunday, January 23, 2011

Menu 1/24-1/30

Not really in the mood for food right now, as my youngest daughter is sick.  However, to keep up my posts, here's the menu for the week:

Mon:  Green Salad w/Chicken & other good stuff
Tues:  White Bean Gnocchi (I didn't get to this last week; I had extra leftovers, then J made salmon!)
Wed:  Chicken & veggie stir fry
Thurs:  Tortilla Soup (maybe?  Chris said the PW soup is delicious!)
Fri-Sun:  J cooks!  I'm off to hang out with girl friends. 

What are you having?


  1. Chris is right - the PW tortilla soup is fabulous, it was on my menu last week. :)

  2. This week:
    Mon--pigs in a blanket
    Wed--steak date night
    Thurs--mac & cheese

    On the PW soup: I only had a red bell pepper, and had half of a yellow onion and half of a red one. DEFINITELY half it; I misread it and did the whole batch, and we had TONS of soup. Granted, we gobbled it all up, but still. There are many tweaks to make/keep it healthy, for sure.