Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu 1/17-1/23

Well, I'll have to post longer later, but here's my menu & recipes for the week.  I just started an 8 week program (Lighten the Load) through my gym.  It's basically a "Biggest Loser" contest.  I know I don't have tens of pounds to lose, but I'm hoping to shave off that 15-20 lbs this year.  So, realistically, and healthfully, and I can lose 8-16 lbs in the next 8 weeks.  That would be awesome!

My next post will fill you in with the gritty details of my current measurements and I will update weekly on my progress.  Most of you know how much I LOVE FOOD, so this is going to be quite the journey.  However, I took the time to look up some recipes that sounded good to me (for health food!) and I'm trying them this week.  I'll let you know how it goes.  The hard part for me now:  what to eat for breakfast & lunch!  Ahhh!

Monday:  Salmon cakes (click here for recipe I'm using), salad, sauted green beans w/garlic
Tuesday:  Ground Turkey & Bean Chili Verde (click here for recipe I'm using), salad, steamed broccoli
Wednesday:  Skillet Gnocchi w/ Spinach & White Beans (click here for recipe I'm using), salad, sauted zucchini w/garlic
Thursday:  Pot Roast (Pioneer Woman style!), salad
Friday:  Leftovers
Saturday:  Sauteed Chicken Breasts w/Creamy Chive Sauce (click here for recipe I'm using)
Sunday:  Take out!

Oh, and my friend Chris, posted her menu this week as this:
M: pot roast (yeah, didn't get to it last week)
T: Spaghetti
W: PW tortilla soup (I can give it a review, if you're interested)
Th: date night steak
F: penne bake
Sa: breakfast for dinner (yes, I'm actually planning this)
Su: pigs in a blanket or pizza...still deciding. part of it depends on if i remember to buy hot dogs at Costco.

Chris:  Everyone should have breakfast for dinner planned, I think.  I had breakfast for dinner last night!  Also, I definitely want a review on the soup!  Have you already made it?


  1. No, i haven't made it yet, but it looks sooo tasty. my week seems so UNhealthy compared to yours. Poop.

  2. Holy moly. The soup was amazing. Here's the link:

  3. I'm working on "lightening my load" as well! Down five pounds and about ten more to go. :)

    Here's a really flavorful recipe I made recently that is super healthy: Chickpea-based veggie burgers (so good!):

    I eat them on those Oroweat "sandwich thins" that are essentially thinner versions of burger buns, and pile them with fresh veggies and low fat condiments.

    The best part - the recipe makes 12 patties, which means you can cook what you want to eat tonight, and freeze the rest of the patties to be cooked later. I feel so brilliant when I'm rushed for time and can pull frozen homemade dinner out of the freezer! :)

    -Sarah Case

  4. Good luck, Sarah!
    I finally had the chance to check out the veggie burger recipe. I'm DEFINITELY going to try them. And you ARE brilliant when you can pull homemade dinner (healthy, no less) out of the freezer! :)