Sunday, January 9, 2011

Short Menu Post

The menu for the week is kind of non-existent.  Justin and I are going to Canon Beach for a retreat Tuesday-Thursday, which means no grocery shopping before then.  So . . .

Monday:  Garrett & Marie bringing Thai!!
Tuesday:  Retreat
Wednesday:  Retreat
Thursday:  The Vintage  (Who wants to cook when they just return from a retreat?  Burger & 2 Brews:  $8)
Friday:  Pot Roast (didn't get to it this week)
Saturday:  Leftovers
Sunday:  $5 Little Caesars  :)


  1. Excellent--looks/sounds tasty. I admit we did some shuffling last week, too--there was one night we ate omelets instead of whatever I predicted, and Sunday's pizza was changed to tonight for game day. Here goes:
    M: pizza
    T: fajitas
    W: date night steak
    Th: PW spicy mac
    F: salmon
    Sa: pot roast
    Su: steak sandwiches
    standby: pigs in a blanket

  2. My favorite part about this post is Tuesday and Wednesday!!! Can't wait to hang with you! Game time here we come

  3. Because I'm on a roll, and this is an integral part of my accountability, here's this week:
    M: pot roast (yeah, didn't get to it last week)
    T: Spaghetti
    W: PW tortilla soup (I can give it a review, if you're interested)
    Th: date night steak
    F: penne bake
    Sa: breakfast for dinner (yes, I'm actually planning this)
    Su: pigs in a blanket or pizza...still deciding. part of it depends on if i remember to buy hot dogs at Costco.